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1. Manned Guarding Services

Our Security Guards are equipped with all the required accessories in order to ensure a high level of effectiveness and efficiency in the discharge of their duties. These accessories include batons, whistles, wireless hand-held radios (walkie-talkie) or GSM phones etc. Other equipment’s such as hand-held metal detectors (hand wand) walk through metal detectors are provided to assist the operatives if and when required by the client but at a cost.

As part of our monitoring efforts, we install the pulsar system as a way of monitoring guards patrol.

The report generated from this monitor is provided for the client as a tool to assess performance.

Our operations are spread across the country in order to reach and meet the needs of our clients.

2. Journey Management/Armed Escort Services

Our Journey Management and Armed Escort Services are aimed at ensuring high-level security for our clients by reducing or completely eliminating their exposure to possible risks while they transit from one location to another.

Our Armed Escort Teams are made up of personnel who have been specially trained in protective techniques to ensure the safety of our clients under any situation.  Armed Escort Services are available on 24 hours daily. An Armed Escort Team consists of the following:

  • An Escort Vehicle- Toyota Hilux 4 x 4
  • An Escort Commander trained in first aid and protective security tactics
  • A driver trained in defensive and evasive tactics
  • Two Armed Policemen
  • A Mobile Radio
  • First Aid Box
  • Towing aid in the event of a breakdown of the client’s vehicle.

We have the operational capability to provide Journey Management/ Armed Escort Services in any part of Nigeria.

3. Provision of Static Armed Guards

We provide armed policemen for static duties in residences, business facilities and offices for our clients. This service is to compliment the protective duties of Security Guards deployed to such locations. In some instances, only armed policemen are deployed to locations based on the requirement of the client.

Armed policemen deployed to client’s location by Safetech Security Company Limited are equipped with communication gadgets to enhance the ability of the officers to call for reinforcement from various reaction teams located at Area and State Police Commands in the event of an increased level of threat or a major crisis.

All armed policemen deployed to a client’s location are under routine visitation from Safetech Security Supervisors and designated officers from the State Police Command. Static Armed Duties could be of a permanent nature but subject to routine changes of the personnel so as not to cause complacency.

4. Armed Response Services

Our Armed Response Services is geared towards providing an effective and swift response to our clients at times of distress.  This service is anchored on both technology and tactical deployment of our armed response teams at different strategic areas where our clients are located.

At Safetech Security Company Limited Armed Reaction Team (ART) is triggered into action by a special alarm technology positioned in client’s residences/offices and networked to a Safetech  24 hours monitored Control Centre and mobile armed teams.  A Safetech Armed Reaction Team (ART), which is similar in composition to that of an Armed Escort Team, is usually deployed in response to burglar alarms, armed holdup/robbery, medical emergency etc.

Our response time to distress call is between five to ten minutes within the Abuja for example. This may vary slightly as a result of the heavy traffic nature of the area.

5. Electronic Security and Monitoring Systems

We design, supply, install and as well maintain electronic security systems for our clients. Our technical team is made up of highly trained professionals with vast experience in physical and electronic security applications.

Our services, which are designed to meet the specific needs of our clients includes:

  • Electronic Access Control Systems, which could be in the form of card readers, finger ID etc.
  • Close Circuit Systems (CCTV) with full accessories. We could also provide remote monitoring devices as may be required by the client.
  • Installation of Turnstiles in offices and industrial locations in order to enhance access control measures
  • Installation of Alarm Systems, Electronic Imaging etc.
  • Installation of Fire Protection Systems such as automated sprinklers, extinguishers etc and training of fire marshals.
  • Electronic Queue Management Systems
  • Digit Live Tracking Systems

6. Risk Analysis and Information Services

Our operations are intelligence driven. Thus, Safetech Security Company Limited has developed a robust network of security intelligence sharing and supporting rumour-confirmation activities with a wide range of reliable and credible sources across the country.

At Safetech, we are able to provide timely security reports and information services to our clients on developing trends that could constitute threats to their operations or movement.

Our Risk Analysts are highly experienced with a rich background in security intelligence and a robust knowledge of the Nigerian environment. Our risk analysis and information services have provided our clients with valuable information that has informed policy making/decision and timely actions.

7. Security Consultancy Services

At Safetech Security Company Limited, we have a team of seasoned and certified security consultants with vast experience in security and asset protection as well risk management. Our team of consultant includes but not restricted to the following:

  1. Certified Protection Professionals (CPPs).
  2. Certified Fraud Examiners (CFEs).
  3. Professional Certified Investigators (PCIs).
  4. Physical Security Professionals (PSPs).
  5. Seasoned and highly experienced Intelligence Analysts.

Our consultancy services include but not restricted to the following:

  1. Security Surveys/Audits including aviation audits/Reviews.
  2. Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis.
  3. Contingency Planning and Business Continuity Planning.
  4. Security Policy Formulation.
  5. Due Diligence and Criminal Background Examination.
  6. Corporate Security Investigations.
  7. Training Services for all levels of employees both professionals and non-professionals.
  8. Security Awareness Seminars and Security Briefings
  9. Crisis Management and Technology Risks.

8. Vetting

  • Safetech Security Company Ltd conducts stringent pre-employment personnel checks to ensure that only honest and diligent persons are recruited.  This is carried out by the Security Manager (Vetting and Investigations) who conducts address verification, obtains character reference from neighbors and previous employment claims.
  • In addition to this background screening which extends to education verification, hometown, and local government verification is equally carried out. The guarantors provided are investigated, confirming the authenticity of their guarantee information and signature.
  • We carryout continuous vetting to update the database of our employees.
  • Vetting services are also provided for our clients’ recruitment needs.

9. Special Events/Crowd Control

Our Services are tailored to suit your security requirements.

We provide guards who specialize in crowd control and individual safety protection.  This will ensure that the safety of your guests is assured when you are hosting special events, which could attract some undesirable personalities.

10. Emergency Rapid Response Service/Patrol Team

This service operates on a twenty-four-hour basis; our emphasis is on the speed of reaction.  We are therefore able to respond rapidly to emergency or distress calls of clients at the push of the button.  We aim to reach the site promptly with the appropriate rescue team.

11. Training

We have personal training and familiarization programs in which we:

  • Ensure that the staff carries out jobs as per assignment schedules
  • Ensure that the staff is well-groomed, well behaved, and disciplined at all times
  • Organize effective teamwork and need-based training.

We also offer Fire Fighting and Prevention training which includes:

  • Identify various safety hazards, accident-pronesituation, and measures, which can prevent accidents and subsequent loss of lives and property.
  • Teach theory and practice of industrial safety
  • Causes of Fire
  • Types of fire extinguishers
  • How to use fire extinguishers
  • How to fight fire

As part of our company policy, training is a continuous exercise, with on-the-job training of guards after recruitment. The sole aim of this is to keep our personnel abreast with current trends in the security field – both on the technology and on crime-wave.

Apart from the in-house training of our guards, we also offer training courses to corporate organizations for their in-house security personnel.

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